Feedback on Portfolio Site

Hey Everyone,

I’d love some feedback on my portfolio page. :raised_hands:
I was going very minimal.

Portfolio Page


I like it.

I love minimalist designs. You’ve used nice fonts too :slight_smile:
You can try laying out the boxes bit differently for better use of white space.

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yep, extremely minimal still looks nice :+1:
feels like an appropriate usage of serif font :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, do you have an examples I could take a look at?
I kinda just fumbled my way to this layout.

Yeah the fonts took forever to figure out, I flip flopped a bit, I think there might even be some googlefonts queries for fonts I’m not using still :shushing_face: I’ll figure it out and fix that soon.

For inspiration you can search for ‘minimalist portfolio design’ in google images.