Portfolio Feedback Please :)

Hi, Any feedback on my project would be massively appreciated :slight_smile:

I really wanted to throw in the towel, actually not because of the coding but down to having no clue about design, I cant even draw an apple lol, does anyone else suffer with a complete blank mind and no vision when it comes to the design process?


Don’t think you should worry too much about the design. The layout and spacing is pretty good. But you do need to think about the color scheme (too much dark grey) and the choice of fonts. These things can be learned like anything else. To me, your serif font is a bit formal for a web developer portfolio. In the tech field, it is more useful to use modern sans-serif fonts:


Color is a bit harder to figure out. There are plenty of color matching tools on the web and a site like https://coolors.co/05668d-427aa1-ebf2fa-679436-a5be00 is good for generating color schemes. Another good bet is to find a site you like and use it for inspiration.

Thank you. I am currently one of 2 directors in a web design business (even though obviously not one of the developers yet!) So I already have a job to go to if i ever learn the skills needed! So i wasn’t really doing it as a real portfolio so to speak. I actually completely regretted the grey by the end and wasn’t going to post for feedback, but thought it was important for my development to do so :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your feedback, the fonts/colours/layout/design made me want to bang my head against a brick wall! As I found it so difficult, much harder than the coding!