Feedback on Rails application - Job application tracker app

During the past 2 weeks, I spent some time building a Rails app that allows users to input data about a job application and change the status of it. Using excel to take note of all the resume sent can be boring and quite messy so I wanted to try to build something that could be useful. You can see the project live here: ** **

and you can log in with the credentials: id: TestUser, password: 123456 unless you want to create your own profile.
the repo is public here ** **
Feel free to create any pull request if you feel like something can be improved.

I tried to make it a progressive web app but hosting using a free Heroku plan I cannot use https, therefore, no service worker enabled, but you can still add the app to the home for a better usability on fullscreen.

There are still a lot of problems, from cross-browser compatibility to lack of ajax every time you change a status and many more bugs. I had a lot of fun building this small project and I felt like sharing it with the community of FCC.

Thanks for the attention :slight_smile: