Beginning looking for jobs. Please rate my portfolio :)

After studying for about 700 hours over a year I’m finally beginning to apply for jobs. If anyone has time to give any feedback at all for my portfolio and resume (as well as my GitHub and LinkedIn if you’re willing and able!) I would greatly appreciate it :grin:. Reading all of your success stories and struggles over the past few months has really helped guide and reassure me.


Your Tic Tac Toe game is buggy and I don’t see the point of tracking the history.

One bug I see is if I click on the Go to Game Start button after a series of moves and either finish the game or not finish the game, the move history still shows on the page. I have to reload the page to get rid of it. That bug in itself tells me you have not tested your app and/or you do not have an attention for details. This could be seen as a red flag and the employer/recruiter will just move on to the next potential candidate.

Also, if you are going to create a Tic Tac Toe game, make it interactive with a “smart” computer player who will always either win or draw.

Regarding your calculator app, enter `0.1 + 0.2 to see if you get `0.3`. I think you will be surprised.
I noticed in your code on GitHub for the Quote Machine app that you have the following line in your comments: > // To possibly add: AJAX/JSON for quotes, jQuery or other library for alternative method of animation, and an iFrame check.

Why not implement some/all of these?

Your Pomodoro Clock has a bug which I have seen on many other Pomodora Clock projects. If I set the timer to 1:00 for Break Length and let's say 1:00 for Session Length, after I hit the Start button, I expect to hear the sound play when the timer reaches `00:00`. Why? Because when it reaches `00:00`, exactly 60 seconds (1 min) has passed. Instead, your timer reaches `00:00` and nothing plays and then for some reason the timer starts at `1:00` and then plays the sound. There are two issues here:
  1. The timer should have played when 00:00 was hit.
  2. The next time which should show after 00:00 is 00:59. Why? Because showing 1:00 again before switching to 00:59 adds an extra second to each timer (session or break). Think about a digital clock which shows military time (which shows in hours and minutes). The next time which shows after 23:59 is not 24:00 then 00:00. Instead, it is just 00:00.

I did not check the rest of your Apps, so there could be other bugs I am not mentioning here. The whole point I am trying to make is you only get one chance to make a first impression with your portfolio and apps. You need to go over them with a fine-tooth comb and be critical to yourself. Look for bugs and edge cases of how a user may try to use your app and make sure it works the way you intend. You want to be the person who finds any bugs and not a potential employer.

When I try to access the website I get the attached error/warning. This might turn visitors away and might be worth looking into.

I just started last week in coding and I have to say you did a good job. I couldn’t really find any visible bugs on my screen, so if you do have bugs then I would imagine it won’t be that hard in fixing it. The only feedback is to clean up the web page a little. Make it a little modern but that’s just my opinion on it.

Reformat your resume. You can keep this one if you want to pass along to people you meet, but I’d suggest not feeding it through application portals.

Most likely it will become a jumbled mess when imported into the application tracking system. A resume that is both human and machine readable is more important than aesthetics.

Single column, not double. No side section. Make it 2 pages if you have to, but don’t split your documents with a vertical axis. Your contact information should not be 1/3 of your resume, save the text space for something more important. Try to be more descriptive in your experiences, in a way that fits in more key words.

Try running you resume through against the job description of a position you are interested. You don’t have to address every issue, but get as many as you can

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Thanks so much for your feedback @RandellDawson! I really appreciate it. I completely missed the Calculator and Pomodoro bugs, glad you pointed those out. I should also revisit the Quote machine app as I think those features would be worth implementing. The tic-tac-toe move history is meant to demonstrate tracking state with React (the move history resets when a new move is made to allow cycling through previous moves without losing the history) but I don’t think I made that clear enough (or maybe it’s too confusing of a concept to include) so your feedback shed some like on that. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the heads up @sunu ! I haven’t run into this problem until now - now I can look into it :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback @psychometry, that website looks really useful. I wasn’t aware of it at all :+1:

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