Looking for a job. How's my portfolio/resume?

Been applying for about 2 months now and haven’t heard back from anyone. Would you guys be kind to give me an honest feedback on my resume and portfolio site? Much appreciated!

Portfolio: www.bilalhjiouaj.com
Resume: https://imgur.com/a/QoIFu

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it´s totally a question of personal taste, but for my taste
your design is much too simple it´s just plain white with
some color points.
And your portfolio projects look the same, so no diversity at all.
Maybe you will make another project or two with some more colerfull themes.
Maybe this could help.
Just my personal two cents

Best regards and keep going

Your resume is not properly formed and organized.Your prime skills should be separated from your extra skills like photoshop ,illustrator etc. Don’t just mention your skills and experience; mention about the projects you have worked on and how it was. show some enthusiasm towards your job.show that you love what you do and you do great at it.
Good Luck :slight_smile:

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I´ll make this a new post since there´re so many people replying right now.
I had a look at your source code right now and isn´t there something missing out ?!
There is no head element and your title is just the url retyped. This could be more different I guess.
Also you don´t have an icon of yours. This would be something i totally would add if I´m applying
for jobs with my own portfolio-homepage!

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="img/favicon.png">
<!-- .svg, .png or .ico images are recommended because they support transparency, useful for displaying logo / round icons -->

The favicon image should be 16x16.

Just some minor things I´m noticing while having a first glance at your page.
Hope that helps or at least give you some thoughts you can consider in the future :wink:

As always
best regards and keep going

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hi mcmaster-99,
first of all I really liked your portfolio site design, same for your projects. I think you have good eye for it. but all of your projects including protfolio site need a lot of redefining and bug fixing. I will list some:

  1. I tried to send email to you from portfolio contact page and it didn’t work. I got blank page and no indication whether my mail was sent or not.
  2. checked your calculator and it seams it can’t chain several operations for example: 52-12+15 doesn’t display anything.
  3. I think you should change your mail form, it looks kind of outdated and too small for a wide screen.
  4. I see you have your projects on same domain but it would look way professional if new tab was opened every time I click on your projects.
  5. navigation looks bad, especially when you scroll down and it follows user, it overlaps with other page content and again doesn’t look very pro to me.
  6. icons for github and linkedin should be in their natural colors if overall layout allows it(yours does).

I haven’t checked it on mobile so I can’t comment how responsive it is but if its not then you should absolutely make it responsive. Also I might sound harsh but I don’t want you to take it that way cause actually you really have good fundamentals just need to put some more time in fixing small bugs and redefining design elements.

I hope I was helpful, good luck in your job hunt!


Like Rocktim says, focus on the skills you would like to emphasize for your potential employers. Make sure you can prove that you can use those skills that you mention on your resume. Through your projects you should be able to prove that you have used those skills and can use those skills in your future job.

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My only criticism (in addition to others) right now is the nav bar on the website, on certain spots it bleeds into text/images likely because it is vertical.

If you would like to spruce up your resume as well as learn something new, checkout LaTeX. It is a very handy markup language allowing for a ton of freedom. People have also shared their own templates. You may also compile them into PDF format on your PC using packages like MikTeX or edit them online with websites like Overleaf :slight_smile:

This is my favourite and it even allows you to use familiar frameworks such as FontAwesome !

The skills section is actually for the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to parse. The skills that I want the employer to see are in the skills highlights section below the professional summary. Thanks for the advice though. I’m sure it definitely needs to be more organized!

Hi mdivani, thanks for taking the time to write that!

  1. I fixed the contact form to display whether the message was sent or not.

  2. The calculator will save the result of the previous equation so it can be tagged on to the following equation but I haven’t explained how it works. BUT, yes it needs to be able to chain multiple operations. I will need to fix that.

  3. What looks outdated? The icons, coloring, font, or general theme?

  4. I’ll be adding the _target=blank to each href. Thanks for noticing this. I’m always an advocate for leaving the user’s page as is and opening separate tabs.

  5. I’ve fixed this as well. The content of the page will fade out when it reaches the navbar. The changes won’t be visible though since I haven’t deployed it, yet.

  6. I changed the icon colors to be able to go along with the general theme of the site. I didn’t feel like it would go along if the icons had their original colors.

Thanks again for taking the time to write all of that. Much appreciated!

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Your github is very sparse…it looks like you barely code…consider the amount of activity in there as equal to how interested you are in coding…thats the impression you are giving off. Think of a personal project you’d like to work on and get to coding regularly.

Portfolio: I recommend moving your projects up so that one doesn’t have to scroll down to click on them.

You should use a horizontal nav menu not vert. Your project images need to be bigger or your text smaller so they look similar in size. You website looks completely off-balanced. Use a CSS grid system. It looks like you just threw things here and there and it needs to be more balanced for location also. Use a grid. Or Bootstrap.