Review my resume & portfolio please. Applying for front-end positions soon

Hi guys,

I will finally be applying to front end positions soon and would appreciate feedback on my resume and portfolio.

Thank you.



I like it mate.

I’m probably where you were a couple of months back, I’m currently on responsive design with Bootstrap, so I’ve still got some way to go but it’s inspiring to see, in just a short while I’ll be building similar projects to what you have done, gaining the skills and the portfolio website and such like, looking out for work as a programmer and it’s brilliant to see.

I hope you find success.

Keep learning. I love this site!


Very nice work. I like it!

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Its very nice .It seems you have done great work and you have been working very hard on your skills .Can you tell us how much time you devoted daily for how much long period ?


Hello there!

I think it looks nice, too! I clicked around a little out of curiosity and noticed a few picky things that two things that you might want to fix before showing it to a potential employer:

  • Pressing equal on the calculator does not allow a new calculation to be started if you immediately press other numbers—the numbers are simply added to the end of the result of the last calculation
  • Thea CE button returns NaN if it’s not pressed during a calculation
  • The weather icon in the weather app is pixely. You should be able to fix that up by scaling the <canvas> up instead of scaling the <div> up

I hope that helps! Good luck! :slight_smile:

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First of all, let me say that I love the layout and design of your site. It looks very professional. However, I’m having trouble getting the buttons to come up on the Pomodoro Clock, the quote machine and the Twitch app. Other than that, the site looks great!

Would anyone mind taking a moment to look at my site? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Bhavik, nice job. A few comments:


  • Some minor grammatical edits. Instead of “Enjoy solving problems…” it should read “I enjoy solving problems…”
  • I like the overall design. The image sitting behind is a nice touch, however, I noticed that at the bottom of the page it creates some visual overload for me. Not a huge issue but personally I might fade out the image a little bit more.
    *Excellent work on mobile responsiveness


  • Make the links to your portfolio/github clickable. It’s very likely recruiters will look at it on a computer so make it convenient for them to visit these pages.

Other stuff:

  • Keep up the regular Github commits! I’ve heard that recruiters look at this.
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resume : really well made in my opinion.

portfolio :

  • text in footer (check my github, other projects, tweet . etc ) is a bit unclear to me, try to add stroke to it or change the color of it.
  • pomodoro clock : the background color is nice if the whole application was placed in a little box, but if you open up the pomodoro clock in full screen mode the color becomes very uncomfortable to the eye.

  • the weather app DOES work but the overall look of it isn’t that great, the weather icons are pixelated, the background color, font, and the color of the temperature unit really don’t fit together, remember you’re applying to a front-end dev job here, it’s not just about writing code that works, it’s about building pages and webapps that look good as well.

this is just my honest opinion, best of luck to you.

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Thanks so much for the brilliant feedback everyone. I really appreciate it.

@M-Areeb As a procrastinator, I can’t tell you how much time I spent working daily since I am very inconsistent with how much I work everyday. I started FCC last April and have been on and off with my work (sometimes going a few months without doing anything thanks to the monkey in my brain). So to answer your question, it should have taken me approximately 5 months to get where I am but it has taken me a year.

@honmanyau All fixed :smiley:

@arhillis Which browser are you using? I can’t seem to recreate the problem.

@jonathanwmaddison All fixed :smiley:

@HosTilezZz I’d take some time out to fix those problems but I really want to start applying and finally get myself a good job.

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I am using Mozilla Firefox version 52.0.2.

I went ahead and took some screenshots of what was happening when I scrolled over the projects.

Pomodoro Clock:

Twitch App:

Quote Machine:

The browser dimensions are 1886 X 6000.2