Please critique my portfolio

Hello all,

I finished the first three basic front end apps. They took me awhile because I agonized over the styling for each one. For the weather app I made 144 weather conditions, 74 for night and 74 for day. Also built an error message for when the JSON randomly stops sending data from the API.

Please give me your feedback, I would like to know if this is ready to show off on Github and potential employers or if there are issues that need to be addressed first.


really nice … works great cant see anything about portfolio to fault … great job
projects look good … only thing i can critique is the random quote when i load it on my laptop the window is about 1 and a quarter the size of my screen so i have to scroll down to hit the quote button … it would be nice to have it adjust to the screen that its displayed on
but great work looks really well.

Thank you! Yes I definitely am going to resize the random quote generator. I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: