I'm refactoring some of my Front-End Projects. Could use some feedback!

Hi guys!

Recently I have been reviewing my front-end projects and I decided to do some refactoring. Thus, I have decided to ask some feedback in order to improved said projects.

You can find my front-end projects here:

So, if you could provide some feedback, it’d be awesome and very helpful! Thanks in advance!


Not too sure why, but the quote generator appears to be not working. I’m using chrome on a mac. It could be an issue between using an API with a http link on an https website.

I took a look at your tribute and portfolio project. On your tribute page the text isn’t mobile responsive. Your top image also isn’t centered, it’s slightly to the left.

On your portfolio page almost all of it isn’t mobile responsive. The background images are also small and tiled, which makes it a bit distracting. I would make the image cover the whole background without being repeated. The font is also very small to read. I couldn’t see too much else because everything overlapped each other on my phone.

Those were the things that I noticed. Keep at it!

All of them look very nice, good job. However, neither the Random Quote Generator or Weather App worked for me (Firefox).

I just took a quick look at your links and didn’t look at any of the code, but the one thing that jumped out at me was slow loading times, especially on the Portfolio. Not sure if it’s due to your images, but you definitely need to speed that one up and by a lot.

Google’s PageSpeed is a very helpful tool in finding out where your slow spots are: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ll definitely take your suggestions into account and, once I’m done refactoring the code of my front-end projects, I’ll post their links again!