Feedback on Tribute Page needed please

Hello guys, this is my Tribute Page ( and I would like a sincere feedback from you. I have completed several challenges already and I am about to create my personal portfolio.Therefore, some comments regarding my first project will be greatly appreciated.

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It does what it’s supposed to do, and looks pretty good for a static page, so good job. I’d make two recommendations, if you want to dress it up a bit:

First, the medium-gray background color is a bit dark for reading black text, especially when you have so much of it. Black-and-white is a great instinct for the page, especially considering that the photo you include, and most known photos of Disney, are black and white. Try something a gray background that’s a bit lighter–something in the neighborhood of rgb(220,220,200).

Second, a page saluting Walt Disney screams to have a fancier font than a generic sans-serif (that is Times, isn’t it?) Look into Google Fonts (just google for “google fonts”) to get access to a huge collection of free web fonts that you can add to your site with just a link. I think on codepen, you have to put the link in one of the dialog boxes, since you don’t have a proper element, but just follow the directions at Google Fonts and Codepen and you won’t have any trouble.

At any rate, great job, and keep on coding!

Hi juanakin180,

Great job on your tribute page. My one suggestion is to light the box color or you could possibly change the color of the text to white because it makes it a little difficult to read. Also in your code, I don’t think
is needed anymore in html as it is considered outdated ( I think it is outdated for html5 but I am not certain). You may want to play with the size of your picture a little bit as it does appear stretched out and it loses some quality. But you are on the right track. Great job with your first project. I just finished my tribute page as well.