Finally! My tribute page

Hey guys, so i just completed my tribute page project, and i want to know what you guys think about it. Constructive criticism is allowed. Thanks in advance. here is the link.

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Congratz on finishing your first project here! It looks good! The only thing that jumps out at me is I think you could use some color in the background to break the page up a little. Keep coding!

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Congratulations @rheedhar,
It looks good. I agree with @waterseeker though about the need for more color within it. Plus, Changing the Font style won’t be a bad idea.

Well Done!

Thanks so much, i will try using some colors and see how it looks.

i really appreciate. thanks. what font style do u suggest i use, am not really good with selecting styles. i just picked one from google fonts as i didnt like the default

There are so many of them that even i haven’t got a favorite yet though ‘OpenSans’ , ‘Roboto Slab’ , ‘Oswald’ are a few safe choices.

More helpful though is an extension i have on my Google chrome that’s called “WhatFont”. You tap on the extension and hover over any font you like on a webpage and Voila! It gives you the font name. You can use it each time you see a font that appeals to you.

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I would suggest that you break up the constant center-alignment thing. It adds a lot of whitespace that looks boring on the sides. Could you add a background image or not make the images so round? It might help.