My first tribute page, would love some feedback!

Hey, I would love to hear from you what you think about my tribute page!

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Overall it looks really good. Color scheme is nice too. Only a couple things I can point out.
The first thing is the image kind of bothers me that he’s off to the right of the photo while everything else is centered nicely. Just an aesthetic thing. Maybe see if you can crop it a little so its not so much black space on the left.
Next is the font for your info section. It looks like you tried to use a custom one, but I don’t see where you imported it so it only shows as a default font.
Lastly is the link font color. That blue is too intense and clashes with the background color so I can barely read it. So maybe change that to something closer to the rest of your color scheme.

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Hey, I really like the design and color scheme of the page. Maybe change the color of the link to make it better readable. Well done!

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Thank you for your feedback! I will try to implement your suggestions.

Thanks for your feedback!

Page looks good @BrightOrb. Some things to revisit;