Tribute page, first challenge

here is my tribute page. all feedback is greatly appreciated

I think it looks too simple. It definitely needs more styling with CSS.

Looks like a great start so far. Here are some of my thoughts:


  • Items are all centered and displayed well.
  • Nice use of the bullet list and the proper use of an external link to the Wikipedia entry.


  • The gray background color makes your website hard to read.
  • For your footer text, I would capitalize the first letter in your sentence or title case the sentence. This is more a design aspect, but it would give a better impression of professionalism to your readers.
  • The overall website design is pretty simple. Nothing wrong with that, but I would try to add more aspects to your website. For inspiration, there are a ton of these tribute pages on CodePen and you can explore them to see what others have done. Remember, there are some people with more experience than you so do not be discouraged if you come across pages that look more complex. Learn from them and try to incorporate these things into current or future projects!

Happy coding!

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:+1: thanks i was going for the dark mysterious theme but will change the color to a more neutral tone.

thanks for the feedback. i just added more effects using css.

Revised Tribute Page

I would change the width in here or at least increase it in a media query:

  text-align: left;
  width: 50%;
  margin: auto;
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-size: auto;

I think for mobiles its a waste to through away 50% of your space.

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thank your suggestion