Any suggestion about my tribute page?

Well, I’m a pretty awful designer so no laugh please:

I choosed dogs because I didn’t know what to do. Also I choosed to use Grid layout system to practice on using it, even if it was kinda out of place on this one.

I’m looking forward for your critics and suggestions.

Any feedback?

There were 8 clicks.

You get many clicks but no responses mainly because, like me, most people are still learning and they do not have the knowledge necessary to review your code.

I am new here, so my opinion might not necessarily be right, but here’s what I think:
The code seems good and I like the colors, kind of instagram-ey, but design-wise, I would choose gradient either for the background or the boxes, not for both. You need to work more with padding to make the website more aesthetically appealing (example: subtitle has too little bottom padding; the text in the main box has too little right padding). I would also use em or better yet percentage instead of pixels when defining the size of divs and images for better responsiveness.

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I don’t really care if the reviewer is new or not, all what I want is just reviews so that I can see what is the bad/good in code.

For padding’s problem, you’re right. I noticed that too. I need to use margin and padding better, I thought that font-family kinda replaces em/strong when it comes to style but since you don’t think so then I guess I will work on em’s situations. The feedback was really useful, thank you!

Lovely. well done. shall I say something? Although your tribute page looks nice, I would use another font that is easy to read. If you are preparing a portfolio I would think about that. Keep the hard work. :wink:

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Just to say, I am newbie, it is just an opinion. :blush:

Like I said, every opinion matters, you’re probably right about the font, I will change it later, thank you for the feedback!

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