Feedback on Wikipedia Search App

So, I’m looking for feedback on my WikiPedia Search app.

It’s the first app I’ve built that I feel pretty proud of. Should I be? Does it look good? Does it function well? Does it make sense? How does one achieve perfect page centered-ness?

Lots of questions. I don’t know if my javascript is good. Or how to tell even. So any feedback one could provide would be more than appreciated.

The functionality of the app works great! A couple of design choices might need some updating

  • The Read More button should be located after the paragraph. Check it out in mobile view, it makes the results div look a bit messy.
  • The Search Box and Random link should be front and center, not in the navigation. Not only does this collapse the search box on mobile view, but it really should be the main focus of the first page so the user knows what they’re doing.

In my opinion, the search box should be much larger. If you want the box to move up to the top right after the user searches, that would be a nifty idea. But when the page first loads, the search box should be the first thing I’m focused on

Thank you so much for the feedback! Good points indeed. I’ll definitely dial in the stylistic elements. I feel the current method I’m using for centering isn’t so great – do you happen have any recommendations?