Ok. I finally did it: Wikipedia Viewer App. Feedback please? Unsure if did it 'right'

It’s great to finish a project that you had no clue where to start after first reading the challenge instructions :slight_smile:

Click here to open is: http://codepen.io/fellipedepaula/full/jAaGVZ/

Is my code right? Any bad practices you can spot?

Thank you.

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I’m not far along enough to comment but I used your app and it works great :slight_smile:

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It looks really good and functions great!

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Looks great! I like how clean the interface is. I’m not exactly an expert, but the code looks good to me. :smile:

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I like the clean design!

One thing I noticed, is if a user does a second search, nothing happens. Might be nice if you can remove old results and add new results with each new search.