WikiViewer - Review Please?


Thanks to all who helped me with my Wikipedia Viewer project! :slight_smile:

If I had looked the browser console, I would have completed the challenge Monday itself! :frowning2:

Well, here is the link:

If you could provide me with your valuable suggestions, it would help me grow. :smiley:

Thanks once again,


Hi, it looks nice and clean! A few things I would change:

  • Switch the buttons. It seems more logical that the search button would be on the right and the random button on the left.
  • Change the hover effect on the buttons. I think that they are too much.
  • Add the possibility to start searching on pressing the β€œenter” key.

Just my opinion, so do with it what you want.


Thank you!

Yes, I will surely do as you suggested. :slight_smile:

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