Wikipedia Viewer Feedback request!

Hi there,

Just finished the Wikipedia Viewer challenge and it would be great to have some feedback on it, not only about the design but also in terms of javascript/jquery as I have been struggling a little bit with this one, specially with the Wikipedia API!

Link: Wikipedia Viewer

Many thanks!

Cute, I like the animation after submitting a search. The hover yellow stripes are also a nice touch. Not a fan of the custom font, kinda hard to read.

Having “enter” as the only way to submit is okay, but you should let the user know or, maybe, add a button as another way to submit it. Overall it’s very pretty and well done though, good job!

Edit: Also, get rid of that lorem ipsum!

Many thanks for your feedback noyb!

I think the same about the search field, I’ll probably include a search button within the field so it’s more intuitive.
The lorem ipsum is just where the footer info is supossed to go, I’ll update it when I have some time hahah

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You did an excellent job with this project! It’s responsive, it’s clean, and it’s quick. I do agree with @noyb that you might want to add a search button, or a small blurb to tell the user how to search (I was a bit confused when I first got to the site).

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Thanks drregg6! I appreciate your feedback.