Feedback: Personal Portfolio (Danilo Mendes)

I finished the personal portfolio recently and i need some feedbacks. I will gladly appreciate your review and comments.


Hey @danilmendes!

Great job with your projects.

The only thing that I noticed was that your about link did not lead to a separate about section but rather it was the same as the home section. So maybe change the link name to home instead of about.

Happy coding!

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It looks professional and cool

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Looks great!
Add some JS stuff…

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Really thanks. I’m doing my best to be a developer :smile: . I appreciate you enjoyed it.

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Thank you! @jwilkins.oboe . I will change it to home, i thinked to write more about me in the Welcome section that’s why i gave the name About but i changed mind.

@3ns0m Thanks :grin:! I’m starting to learn JavaScript so i will absolutely use it later.