🎆 Do you have feedback on my Portfolio challenge?

Hi all,

Here is it
Thanks in advance for your feedback:thumbsup:

Have a nice day

I like the treatment of your images. They all have the same tone and that gives your site a sense of togetherness. Great design choice!

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this…is very good. As I finish up my own porfolio, I see a lot of cookie cutter stuff, that looks very similar to the example portfolio, but this is very original.

I did find that the links lead me to where I didn’t expect. I don’t believe you need to have #home be a link. your #about link I thought would take me to your bottom section, but it takes you to the top. and the #100daysofcode led me to the bottom. I would take out 100days of code and home, and then have the about link to your bottom section.

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I also really liked the explanations for each of your projects in your portfolio section, I thought it was very fitting for what we are trying to do with these projects.

Thanks for your feedback