Feedback (Product Landing Page)

Please review my product landing page project.
Product landing page

There seems to be some white space between my footer element and the right margin of the page, If you has any advise on how to remove it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Just change width in #pricing from width: 100%; to max-width: 100%;

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Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve changed it.

please help take a look at my product landing page. thanks.

Love the design and layout, there is however some white space on the right side of the page when viewed on mobile devices. Barring that the page is perfect.

Hope this helps you and keep it up.

thanks…I was sure I tested it before I submitted. Must have been an oversight…I will refactor it again. Thanks again For the feedback.

However @AdityaVT can you take a look at the attached picture? I could not see any whitespace in my browser while testing it out. I’m using chrome canary. What browser are you using if I may ask?

@AdityaVT further investigations shows that the none responsive email input was responsible for the whitespace. Also I got the whitespace when the viwport size is less than 250px in width and so far i don’t know of any device that could be that small in terms of width. Most media queries I have seen tends to start from max-width: 300px.

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My mobile has screen width less than 250px :sweat_smile:, so there was white space when I viewed the page on it. And mobiles with smaller screen widths are common in third world countries, so you may want to add a media query for very small screens also.

okay. will consider that. Thanks for helping out. @AdityaVT

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