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Hey guys,
so I completed my product landing page, I made this in vscode and later copied it to codepen, the thing is I had to rename add some elements so that i could pass the test ( that js tester). and it messed the whole thing : (
however now that I’m done, I’d really love to see your opinions.
I used (you could use Adobe XD if you are a windows or mac user, unfortunately XD is not available for Linux) to design my project, and coded in vscode.

here is my project :

Hi, i like it. I don’t have any suggestions but i think is fine!


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Very Nice!
If I could make a suggestion it would be there is a lot of padding on the bottom of the white areas or the second and fourth sections. Looks awesome.

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I’m currently on my phone, I’ll definitely take a look at it when i get home. And Thank you for the suggestion :smiley::smiley:

hey, i checked and i think padding is okay (contents are in the centre of the screen) … i donno if it is just for my browser… , what browser are you using, (or are using a phone). hey thanks for checking it. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m not the same commenter, but I’m using Chrome on Desktop and I see white space beneath the “About Us” section. When I reduce the size of the window, the white space disappears.

You might want to add more padding beneath the video in the “How It Works” section. There’s little breathing room between that section and “How Much It Costs” which stands out a lot on a smaller window.

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oh i didn’t see that before… i edited it now. can you please confirm whether it is gone or not. thank you for the reply man : )

Whatever you like is what I would do!
On a larger screen, it is more. This is on my laptop and there is double the amount of padding below as above. Just my opinion but I usually keep it even to get a better visual appeal.

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hey, i changed my 2nd section’s height to auto (it was on 100vh). can you check if it looks okay…

Perfect! I just want to make clear that I am not trying to be an ass just want to help. If I come across rude I don’t mean to be.

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haha don’t worry, your opinions are way more valuable than you might think.
i really appreciate you for helping me to improve my skills. : )

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