Feedback Request: Tribute Page

Hi all!

Brand new to HTML and CSS. So far I’moving this program and am excited to keep going! I just finished my tribute page. I feel like there are probably lots of newbie mistakes / inefficiencies. I’d love feedback!


Hi! Great job on the tribute page! I liked learning about the sloth. I am new to this whole coding thing too so I don’t feel right giving advice but here are a couple things I noticed.

I noticed you didn’t have the declaration at the top, it looked like you might be missing the tag as well as the tag. I just went back and looked at my tribute page code and realized I had left all those things out as well! THEN, I went and looked at the example page and it didn’t have them either so maybe I am misguided in my suggestions here. Take them for what it’s worth.

The only other thing was your THICK-BLUE-BORDER was actually the color orange. Not a big deal - and I actually thought the orange looked pretty good. Maybe just change the THICK-BLUE-BORDER to THICK-ORANGE-BORDER.

Anyway, just my .02 cents. I am incredibly new as well so I have plenty to learn. I thought overall the page looked great!

Nice work.

i have noticed in full screen mode your image does not centre properly.
here is your code------

?div class=“text-center”>

here is my code-----

?p style=“text-align:center; background-color:black;”>?img id=“taker” class=“larger-image thin-blue-border” src=“” alt=“Undertaker staring”>

i have replace a few < with ? so the code would show

i’ve only been coding for a few weeks so i’m not able find a solution for your code but it took me 2 hours to get my image to align properly.

your welcome to view my tribute page at

An easy way to center the image would be to add the following to your CSS:

img {
margin: 0 auto;

i just tried your code and it didn’t work for my page. but i will be trying your way in my next code. thanks