Feedback required for Pomodoro Project

I have built a Pomodoro clock with React as per one of the project challenges mentioned in the Front End Libraries Certification section.

I have completed all the User Stories in the requirement,

Link is here

Can someone please review my app and provide feedback about it? Like ways to optimize, modularity, coding standards, UI, etc.

Hey @abhi7!

I think the design looks great. I ran into two issues though.
The first one was this.

This message came up after I ran through the test suite. So that could something to look into .

The other issue was when I tried the timer it beeps for every single second that the timer is counting down. That made for an unpleasant user experience so I would look into that.

Hope that helps!

Hey @jwilkins.oboe,

Thanks for taking the time and providing feedback.

I think I somehow messed the code after I tested the app last time and that led to those issues. My bad. Fixed those issues now.

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