Pomodoro clock project - comments solicited

Before I submit the app, I would like comments about the L&F and about bugs. Here is a link:

and here is an image of the screen:

The graphic eases in when running, and this is pretty slow for a long interval. Run it for 1 or 2 minutes on the counter - it will be faster.

Thank you

I like the stylings - kinda art deco. I also like the fact that it animates, and would love to see that continue to happen while it ticks down. But IMO you shouldn’t need to consult a Help button to be able to use a pomodoro clock, or that the help section should be so many paragraphs long. Having more identifiable buttons would be a great help, as would having a recognisable timer and way to reset it (indeed that’s so important you might fail the challenge without it).

Actually, I would be interested to know how I would know whether I pass or fail. As far as I can tell, there is no feedback from an “examiner”, if indeed there is an actual living-and-breathing examiner. If I can fail, without any information at all about it, then this is a bit Kafkaesque, don’t you think?

My app satisfies all the user stories. The rest is air!

I’ve not claimed certifications yet so I don’t know what happens when you do. Presumably they have volunteer peer reviewers look it over.

Indeed, I’m sure you’re fine to go ahead and submit as-is. And the style is sweet :slight_smile:

Very Interesting design!

I think the projects get reviewed once you submit for the Front-End cert. One potential problem I see with your Pomodoro Clock is that it doesn’t “go off” as required by user story 3. I interpret that to mean a sound. The example in the link in #1 doesn’t make a sound but that’s because of a broken link in the code.

The link is fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.