Feedback required on technical documentation page

Hello everyone,

Completed the tech doc page work. Mainly learnt about accordions through the project. Tried to create a clone of React Docs. Please provide feedback if any.

Some issues/enhancements that I wanted to work on,

  1. Create a floating button to access top nav bar on small devices (Enhancement that I wanted to add, just like in react docs)

  2. Was unable to create a fixed side nav bar with scrolling content. Referred some tutorials and tried but maybe my understanding was not perfect, so couldn’t finish it and got frustrated :angry: :rage: (Issue)

One thing I would suggest on any page you create is to navigate through it with the keyboard only to make sure all features work, especially more advanced features like an accordion menu. Currently I can only expand the menu items with a mouse and thus the links in the menu are inaccessible to keyboard only users.

At very narrow view port widths the links in the header get really squished together. I think you’ll want to use a break point to rearrange those links at narrower widths.

When I manually increase the font size on the page the content falls of the right side of the view port and there is no horizontal scroll bar to allow me to get it back. I think the solution here is to use em units for your CSS media query break points instead pixels. Just divide the pixels by 16 to get a ball park ```em`` value and then adjust as needed. Then your page will be responsive to both changes in view port width and changes in text size.

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Thanks for the feedback @bbsmooth. I understand that the webpage is not accessible for everyone. My initial focus was to get the job done and then focus on corrective iterations. Will focus on the things you have mentioned and make corrections.

I too saw that problem with font sizes, but as of now I am just not clear how to handle such issues. Will work on your suggestions and hope to fix them soon.

I completely understand. I would suggest though that accessibility should be considered from the beginning and throughout the entire process. It is much easier to build it into your project as you go then have to go back and redo everything.