Feedback wanted on current WIP


Currently working on this, but at a stage where i’m happy to show people and get feedback.

Things i want to change:

  1. Add effect on to portfolio examples to have info appear on hover over
  2. Make the contact form actually work (any pointers to tutorials on this would be appreciated)
  3. Give the buttons on the form a ‘fill from the bottom’ effect
  4. Add animation to ‘burger’ on navbar.

Any other suggestions for things to amend?

Nice. Clean design, good use of whitespace, and an easy to read font that doesn’t give me a migraine from squinting at the screen. My only criticism would be that photo of Lynn Hill. It’s giving me acrophobia. :fearful:

I assembled this quick pen to try (1). There’s probably a better way to achieve this effect.

Thank you thats really helpful! I’ll have a go at implementing it tonight

Thanks! And climbing is great, I know when i’m on the rock face its less about home high you are and more about trying to solve the puzzle of how to get to the top - plus you get some amazing views!

Thanks! I’ve had a play with this and edited it slightly to fit my needs.

I added a text box bottom aligned and the .stop() to the javascript so it keeps the description on when you move into the text (i.e to click on a link.)

Thanks again!