Feedback - Weather app


I would like you to ask for feedback about my project

I’ve tested it with several people, and sometimes users see not local geolocation and weather - sometimes they see some cities in Japan :slight_smile:
On my phone it shows the district of city, not city :confused:

There is something broken in JS or its a matter of FCC API?

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For me its working. :+1:

the Japan result is a cached/default result of the API

how to solve it? Have you ever had this kind of problem with this kind of api?

it’s an open issue atm

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I prefer to get weather from the user’s IP address information. There are APIs out there to get this.

I changed api, please check if its printing out proper your location

@rkosak237 Yes, it’s fine now. :rainbow:

I was asking my friends to test it, and nearly 40% of them have proper location.
Don’t know why, but I think it needs to have additional functionality - e.g search bar to type proper city and store it in local memory