Feeling a bit over my head

hello, I’ve been here for a few weeks now and i’ve reached the basic algorithm scripting part where you fix the algorithms. Question is should I be having this hard of a time doing it? I flew through the htlm css portion and made projects no problem. This one js coding really took a lot and I’m struggling with this part tremendously. I can’t seem to solve any problems on my own and have had to look up help on every single one of these, with my guesses being miles off each time. what should I do?

Welcome @wsleaster! I’m sure if you browse the forum or hang out in the chat room, you’d find many others who share this experience. The jump from the basics to thinking creatively about how to use JS methods, data structures, and concepts like regular expressions can be great. Some algorithm challenges took me days so you’re not alone!

Keep trying, keep using stackoverflow and blog resources, ask for help in the chat room, and try to work on it everyday! You can do it!

It might also be helpful for you to try the challenge yourself for awhile and if you can’t get it, ask for help in the HelpJavascript room (you can click the Help button on the challenge page to get there). Most people in the chat don’t just give answers, they help you understand why your attempt isn’t working and explain what might help you with the next step.

Happy coding!

I was thinking of doing a Udemy course on JS, I really like Udemy and found them helpful in everything computers I’ve done so far. Here’s the course. https://www.udemy.com/java-the-complete-java-developer-course/
It’s only 10$ and promises to get me to the point of being JS certified which I really like plus being able to use JS for more than front end web development (game development) if really appealing.
I’m glad to know I’m not alone in struggling with JS. I just felt like HTML and CSS came so easy that JS would as well.
Should I retake the JS sections and take notes? I would really like to get to the point of not needing as much help as I currently do.

Don’t confuse Java and JavaScript. They are entirely different languages.

Java is a completely different programming language than Javascript, but I’m sure Udemy has a course on JS.

I recently read an article that says taking online classes from places like Udacity or Udemy is one thing that sets programming job applicants apart in a positive way. It’s your call, I think you could do it with free resources, but it helps to have everything in one place sometimes.

I honestly think the HelpJavascript chat room is a good bet; just be sure to struggle with each challenge for awhile before seeking the answer. There’s learning in the struggle. Once again, you know what works for you better than anyone else.

do you think it would help to retake the JS challenges here before the basic scripting?

good to know, I had no idea JS and Java was different.

It could? I think the best thing is consistency. Code everyday if possible. There is no magic bullet.

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