Few IMPORTANT details!

Hello guys! how is everything? I tell you, after finishing this project I would like to achieve a couple of things but it really has cost me …
I would like:
1-Make the 3 upper icons found in the “nav” element, to be horizontal and in boxes.
2-That the header can always be seen, regardless of whether or not the cursor moves to another part of the page.
3-That the things that are for sale (from where it says Flannels to “take a look”) can be seen more aesthetic, images on the right, text on the left …

Can someone gimme a big hand on this? por favor! (thx in advance)

Hi @pabloeoliveros

Can you clarify the first point please? Not sure if I understand the question.
For the second point, please have a look at the CSS position property.
And finally, for the last point, Chris Coyier has a fantastic guide on flexbox and CSS grid (best to pick one). Of course, do not forget the FCC curriculum! If you follow that, you will be able to solve this :wink:


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Tom! this trouble was fixed a few days ago! But thx anyway, for real! :wink:

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