Fieldset Element

The challenge asks: The fieldset element is used to group related inputs and labels together in a web form. fieldset elements are block-level elements, meaning that they appear on a new line.

Nest the Indoor and Outdoor radio buttons within a fieldset element, and don’t forget to indent the radio buttons.

So I have tried this:

<label><input <fieldset> id="indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor" value="indoor"> </fieldset> Indoor</label>

But keep getting error message: Your fieldset element should have an opening tag. Opening tags have the following syntax: <elementName> .

Not sure what to do?

For some reason it isn’t showing on here but I added within the code

Easiest way to show what I have done is by sending a picture of my code, I cant understand whats wrong?

Edit: you should not put any new element in the tag of another element like you did above with the fieldset element.
Tags never intersect that way.

You need to create the fieldset element opening above these lines and the closing tag below these lines to nest them as requested

Hi mate, check my screenshot above

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Please format your code instead of sending pictures. Thanks

Thank you buddy, I will try that now and see how it works

how come u cant send pictures? i find it easier to explain that way

I can’t copy-paste your picture and run it. I can copy-paste your code and run it.

Got ya, thanks Jeremy

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