File Metadata Microservice Challenge: Saving data on server or database?

Hi guys, just asking of there is a better way to go, mainly to get to pass the test and not having to write down everything again, like it usually happens to me :grin: Thankyou! One more thing, diod you upload as Binary Data? (maybe this is not even a good question)

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Challenge: File Metadata Microservice

Link to the challenge:

Clone the GitHub Repo or the starter project to begin.
From there read up on how to include and use the multer npm package, which will provide you with everything you need for your json response to pass the test.

Hi! @dLetulle. I did that already! I don’t see how your reply is related to my question though

What exactly are you thinking you’'ll have to “write down” again?

You can upload using the multer npm package, of which binary is not a relevant option.

Are there any other questions you are referring to?

Yes @dLetulle , just one more, I don’t get if the the file should be uploaded to the server or DB. Thank you!

You don’t have to actually store the file anywhere. Just upload it to the server. No need for a database in this particular project.

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Great! Thanks!--------

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