File Metadata Microservice: cloning time

  1. How long should it take to clone the " File Metadata Microservice" repl.t?

I ask because I’ve been waiting a long time for it to finish cloning it so that I can start working on it. The progress notifier is just swirling and swirling. I see some action here and there in the terminal, but I don’t know if it is till working on cloning it or if it is done.

  1. I’m currently having to use a hotspot as an internet connection since are wifi service not active, down, right now. Is it possible that the wifi is not connecting well enough for it to download properly?

  2. What starter files and such are suppose to be in the cloned

This depends entirely on the connection between and GitHub.

Seeing as the files are not being downloaded onto your local computer, your internet connection should have little effect on the setup.

The files mentioned on the challenge page:

I suspect it has to do with how and GitHub’s servers are doing (is there a high load - too many users/requests). So, sometimes the fix is to try at another time.

Hope this clarifies.

Thank you for responding and letting me know that.

I have a few more questions:

  1. The challenge really doesn’t give any specific instructions… why? (why don’t any of microservice projects give any user stories, instructions?

5 a). Is there anything I should know about what should be done with regards to allowing users to upload a file?

5 b). Are there any safety measures that I should take with regard to allowing file uploads?

I ask because the challenges don’t talk about file uploads or safety measures or such that should be taken when doing server side, node js, express js, and such.

I am not too sure what you are referring to. This is the current situation:

  • Most of the backend projects have the user stories on their respective index.html pages within the boilerplate.
  • Recently, we have begun porting all of the instructions/user stories to the relative /learn page (where you submit the link). Many of these are in the form of the test strings/descriptions - they are user stories.
  • In general, the backend projects expect you to have quite a bit of autonomy - you can accomplish the tasks however you wish. Take the chance to learn new libraries/frameworks, and extend the app to make it your own (make each app a lot more complex than is needed to pass.)

Not really. Follow the tests are user stories, and do some research about best-practices, when it comes to how to handle the logic.

See above. You can have fun with the project; it is not a requirement for the challenge, but I suggest adding logic to prevent a user from uploading a file with size > x (you decide whether x is 1MB or 20kB)

I must stress that, at this point in the curriculum, you should be exploring much further than freeCodeCamp.

So, have fun, and learn. Hope this helps