File Structure for Full Stack App (React + Next)

I have a question regarding file structure. I have been thinking and Googling how should I structure a Full Stack App . Currently, I have a plan on building a scalable and usable Full Stack App. Can anyone who is experienced give advice or tips on how to structure a Full Stack App?

There is more than one way to skin a cat. These are just my thoughts.

Unless I am doing SSR, I like to keep my server and client separately. I tend to do a structure like:

myProject ─┐
           ├ client
           └ server

Then within the React project, a typical structure for me is:

client ─┐
        ├ scripts
        └ src─────┐
                  ├ api
                  ├ assets─────┐
                  │            ├ fonts
                  │            ├ images
                  │            └ theme
                  ├ components
                  ├ navigation
                  ├ pages
                  ├ redux 
                  ├ services───┐
                  │            └ i18n
                  └ utils

Of course, that is just one way, and to be honest I might change it to fit my needs.

I would suggest just trying things out. And I’m sure if you search, there are blog posts of people talking about their favorite way to structure an app. And you can look at projects on github and see what they do.

But there is definitely more than one right way to do this.

hey @kevinSmith , thank you so much.

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