Finally finished my Extended JS Calculator!

Hello campers!

It’s been a while from my last project ( API Viewer). Building this Extended JS Calculator took so much time because I decided to widen user stories to mimic Windows calculator as much as possible. As a result my calculator has display with memory row that track previous calculations. You can chain multiple calculations without pressing equals button as well. I used: HTML/CSS with Bootstrap for responsiveness/JS/jQuery. In terms of design I decided to go with Google Material style. I’m quite satisfied with results of my hard work and I would love to know what do you think about this project. I would really appreciate opinions about my code, it has a lot of if statements but I don’t have any idea how to replace them for something more sophisticated.

Greetings, :slight_smile:

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I like its design :slight_smile:

The 1/x operator should return the original number after clicking it twice, but it displays NaN. Also, I can’t chain multiplication with addition (try inputting 2 + 3 * 4)

I like it, the design is great! It would be cool if you could add keyboard controls, but overall really good!

I fixed both bugs, I really appreciate that you spent your time to test my app!

I will check how much work this functionality requires, if it won’t be that demanding I will add this feature in coming days.

I’m glad that both of you like design of this calculator, excited to see your version of this project :D.