Finally! Javascript certificate

Hey fellow-campers,
I finally got my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certificate
I was stuck on last algorithm for almost 4 days.(Thanks to Floating point math in javascript)
But finally, I passed all the challenges and claimed the certificate.
A big thank you to all those who helped me.

Tip : For those just starting, do not worry if you get stuck on any of the challenges.(i have been stuck on way too many challenges).
Take your own time. FCC mentions 300 hours but if you are a beginner then it may take more than that.
So, don’t compare your progress.
Use Read-search-ask methodology when stuck.
This forum is the best place you can ask for help.
One more thing, I would highly recommend this course if you are not from computer science background.
(Bonus: It is free)

Thank You.
A big props to @QuincyLarson
You are doing a great job helping many people like me in learning to code for free.
Happy coding!!!

Congratulations! :1st_place_medal:

That last challenge despite the fact that the algorithm is easy, not asking about floating decimals can get stuck too much.

I want to share this link about the floating point:

In addition, this documentation on the number.toFixed function complements the above:

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Thanks a ton!!!:smiley:

While solving the exercise, i went through many articles and this was one of those .
I, thus, tried to ignore decimals and work with integers instead.

Thank you once again!!!

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