Finally! Tribute page done and dusted. Feedback appreciated

I just got round to working on my tribute page today. I would appreciate any feedback.


Hey @Medekongcode,

Three things jump out at me. Mind I didn’t look at your code at all, just the page.

Some/all of these are personal preference, so take them as you will.

  1. Your title has too much top and bottom padding. At first I wasn’t sure you had anything other than a <h1> on the page. Maybe 50px instead of 100px?

  2. Your iPhone images stacked like that make it quite a scroll just to get to the actual text content of the page. Perhaps align those images side-by-side rather than stacked.

  3. The numbers of your bullets are left-aligned and the text is centered. It makes it difficult to track while reading. I’d either left-align all of it, or center all of it, but not both.

  4. Bonus: Your .black-text class is redundant. Text will usually default to black, so you likely don’t need to include that. Or since all of your text is black, you could just add that to the body{} CSS instead of having a separate CSS rule.

Thanks for the feedback @matty22. Yeah with the images, it was a real issue trying to get them to stay side by side. i finally found a walk around which did render well on some browsers but not on mobile devices.

The whole list is actually centered and renders that way on some browsers but not on mobile devices. I would have to figure that one out later.

Thanks for the black text tip. didnt know that.