Find and Replace Commands in VSC

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I am having a really tough time mastering these commands. Can anyone point me to a tutorial that goes through the steps of utilizing these ?

Did you try google: “Visual Code Studio find and replace”?

Yes I did and it wasn’t much help. What some kindly soul told me though was a much more useful alternative - at least for someone just setting out on a coding path. This is the “lesson” -

<< If you have what you want to replace in a group like that, all in the same document, an easy thing to do is to select the first instance of it, then use CTRL+D (CMD+D on mac) to select each of the following instances. Once you have what you want to replace selected, start typing the replacement text and each of the selected groups will get replaced with what you type. >>

in this instance, “group like that” referred to the following example of 4 lines of code -