What are your most used keyboard shortcuts?

What keyboard shortcuts do you find saving you a lot of time? could be in general or in your text editor/browser.

Obviously Ctrl+c & Ctrl+v & Ctrl+z :slight_smile:

I also use Win + x -> u -> u to quickly shutdown my pc.

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Aside from the basic copy/paste/undo ones some of my favorites are:

  • Alt+Tab to switch between windows (cmd + Tab on mac)
  • Ctrl + Shift + I to inspect a page/open Chrome dev tools (cmd + shift+ c on mac)
  • Holding down alt while on a line of code to move it around (Works in FCC challenges and VScode)
  • Alt + Shift+arrow down to duplicate a line of code (Works in FCC challenges and VScode)
  • In VSCode, with the extension ES7 React Snippet library typing “rcc” to create a basic component

This is a really good tip. I’ve seen other people do this and was curious how to do this. Thanks for sharing!

I use VSCode so these shortcuts apply to it, but these are also more or less exactly the same in Atom too.
Ctrl + c (copy)
Ctrl + v (paste)
Ctrl +f (find)
Ctrl + Shift + f (find anywhere)
Ctrl + p (find file)
Ctrl + Shift + p (open command menu)
Ctrl + ~ (open terminal)
Ctrl + \ (split vertically)

And for chrome:
Ctrl + t (new tab)
Ctrl + l [lower case L] (focus on URL bar, great for quick searching)
Ctrl + Shift + n (new incognito window, great for debugging from a “clean slate”)
Ctrl + Tab (next tab)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab (previous tab)
Ctrl + Shift + j ( open devtools)

Hope someone learns something useful :smiley: