Shortcut keys for coding


Does anyone have a good reference for all the different useful shotcut keys when writing code so I can stop relying on my mouse when I am coding?

I’d like a big image of all the different hotkey that can do things like:

Duplicate a line of code
Jump/back to the end of the code
Jump/back forward one full string
Highlight the entire line

I’ve seen people in various tutorial videos do some stuff that really looks like it would save time and was wondering if this was standardized in any way.

The keyboard shortcuts actually differ from application to application, along with operating system to operating system and even your keyboard could provide different keys making things even more confusing.

Assuming your using VSCode, you can actually learn the keyboard shortcuts from the GUI itself, as next to each command are the keys you can press on your keyboard. You can find these via the ctrl+shift+p menu, which allows you to search up commands by their name. this should include most major features of the editor, but wont include more well know/key-board specific commands, such as “jumping” to the start/end of a line.

Assuming your on a Windows keyboard the home and end keys can allow you to “jump around” along with ctrl+arrow keys. This will differ on other platforms, but should be available.

There’s a lot of ways to navigate around, but things can be really different depending on a number of factors. So learning the shortcuts for each application for your system should be the starting goal. :slight_smile:

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