What are the hotkeys/cheats for the code editor?

I find myself accidentally pressing keys that trigger them sometimes. Each editor has their own hotkeys for actions like duplicate similar, highlight similar etc. I’m used to using Sublime. I can’t figure out what they are for this editor tho. Can someone list them?

I mean we have basic universal textediting hotkeys like ctrl+c/x/v ; ctrl+a, but what are the coding ones for this editor? Cause right now I’m literally just using the above and that’s it for this editor, and its really frustrating. I picked up on some of the cheats like

And is there a way, say when I type console.log(“hello”) and it auto completes and my cursor is between the o and the ") for me to skip to the next line…? I woulda thought tab or something closer to my hands would be used to jump out of the autocomplete area and to the next line. I kno there’s end and home, but those are far away from ur hands and u still need to press enter, there must be a hotkey im missing here right?

And is there a shorter way to type console.log()? I continuously have to type it out to see if each line of code is working the way I need it to. Would be cool if there was an editor that showed me off to the side the values that are stored via each line of code rather than just a singular output…like debuggers do. Is built-in debugger what I’m looking for in a code editor? Is that a thing? I’m tired of using firefox to debug (by debug I mean seeee whats going on), and firebox debugger stopped working for me for some reason recently.

the editor doesn’t have much extra functionalities as to learn it is better to type everything

also know that if you alrea already proficient with a certian thing, to get a certificate you just need to complete the projects

I mean I think I’ve learnt how to type console.log() enough times by now. And for auto complete to complete but it to be faster for me to just type it all out so my cursor ends up where I expect it to without having to move my hands off to the arrow keys. Can some1 at least tell me what the keys to highlight all instances of a certain variable so I can change it across the entire map?

Most if not all of those features are not available in the freeCodeCamp editor. If you want these features, I would recommend installing an IDE such as VS Code.