Any Visual Studio Code Keyboard Shortcut Gurus?


I’m looking for a keyboard shortcut in VSC to jump the cursor from it’s current location to the start of the next whitespace. I can jump to the start of line, end of line, enclosing brackets, etc but I don’t know how to jump to the next whitespace. Anyone aware of the shortcut for this?

For Example:

<img(cursor is here)src="img.jpg"(how can i jump to here) alt="foo"></img>


Not at a keyboard rn, but isn’t a standard, OS level shortcut for that just ctrl + ➡️

Thanks @JacksonBates, do you know the OSX alternative?

Not a Mac guy, sorry. I’d guess you can swap cmd for ctrl

No problem. cmd + :arrow_right: takes me to the end of the line

I think option + :arrow_right:️ might work

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That will do it! thanks so much!

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