Finding a job in a small town?

I started out as a Java programmer in 2004. I created a multitude of projects using the applet technology that was later shoved under the rug until it was abandoned. I’ve had some schooling, but never finished due to depression and indecisiveness, but never stopped coding. I decided to make the jump to web development because programming seems to have a steeper requirement to break into and is older.

I have had experience in HTML, PHP, and JavaScript over the years, but only took it seriously and at the forefront since last year. I decided to go back to school with a focus on web design. I am not a very good Photoshop user and find image editing tedious, so front-end may not be my best skill, but the point is that I love and am and always have been a passionate developer. I have thought and been told that web application development is a possibility and feel that would be most fitting.

I have sent out countless applications and contacted many agencies. The only response I get from agencies are "When you move to (big city) get a hold of us and we can find you something."
In my area, IT jobs are a rarity. The widely available jobs are labor/manufacturing. Because of this my work history looks shoddy (layoffs and complete lack of interest) and unrelated. And it pains me when I see an in house IT guy create shoddy software and give responses to user criticisms such as “Well, don’t hit enter” (a problem I could have and did answer in less time than he gave his remark). The problem is, however, that the available jobs around do not pay enough to fund schooling and save money.

I would like to get my foot in the door in tandem with schooling so that I don’t have to wait until I am about 40 to start. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated because each passing day and each passing hope becomes very frustrating.

Ive been told that applying to small startups in small towns will most likely get you a job faster than applying for jobs in big cities.

Lots of people will apply for a startup on Los Angeles.

Very little will apply for a job in the middle of Ohio.

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The problems that you are experiencing are the reason this world has entrepreneurs. You need to create a job for yourself. Find a need in the community, create something, invent something. never give up and no matter how many times you fail or get turned down - keep pressing forward. The places where you are submitting job applications, what do they do? Find a better way to do what they do and do it.

The awesome thing about it is that you can do the above while you search for a job so you basically can’t lose.You know it just takes one person to create that next big thing, whether it be in your town or in the world. :slight_smile: good luck my friend!