Finding a resource for what I want to learn

Hi, I am new to web development. After learning front-end web development. I want to learn backend web development. But I am having trouble finding resources for what I want to learn. For making a backend with multiple users, as Facebook has a per-user database and there is one admin. Every user’s data is different and is secure from each other and there is one admin who will provide the option to change the password and other things. Where do I find a tutorial who teaches me that? And what is a website with this functionality( per user database ) called formally so that I can find resources to learn?

Hey @amitqy!

I am new to web development too but it sounds like you wanted to do something like this

I haven’t ventured into the world of backend development yet but I would assume there are a variety of backend languages that would achieve the desired result you are looking for.

Hopefully someone more seasoned than me can reply to you as well with more information but I would take a look at the article.

Happy coding!