Finished Calculator Project, feedback desired

Hi I just finished the JavaScript Calculator Project, which I chose as my first Front End Library Project as it sounded the most interesting. I used React, JavaScript, CS and HTML for it and mostly followed design similar to the example. Most of the changes I made were to styling but I also added a Clear Entry button to the calculator to delete the last pressed entry. I would love some feedback on anything I missed or anything I can improve upon.

Here is the link:


Pretty neat. I like it.

I took a look at your React code though and it has scared the shit out of me lmao. Did you start with this project after finishing the React challenges section? Because I have 2 left challenges to complete and I don´t see myself building a calculator if its requires so much things. Like the one I did with plain JS more or less it didn´t take me alot of difficulty. But seein that…

Yeah I did start with this project as it just sounded the most interesting. There isn’t actually that much React code so it is definitely a simpler React page. Most of what is complicated about the Calculator is getting the logic right with the maths part.

Does anyone think I need to add or change anything? I always struggle with knowing when to finish a project in terms of styling.

WELL cool job! I like React I want to start to learn React someday…
Do you think it is good for making games?

Thanks for the positive reaction. I’m sorry but I don’t know if React would be good for making games.