Finished my TwitchTV project

Hello Campers,

I finished my TwitchTV project two days ago and I wonder if you guys can help me by providing some feedback. In design, user experience or code.

One problem I could not resolve is the fact that my links to the twitch channels open all the time with a blank page. Anyone got that problem? I thought it was because I didnt had a twitch account but that is not the problem.

I also have other projects done but I never shared in the forum for feedback, only on facebook. Should I do it?
Thank you all!

I can’t seem to load anything on Twitch right now. Strange…

Just quickly scanned your code and my first question is about this line:

  var acc = [

Why is there an array of arrays with each having only 1 string in them? Why not just an array of strings?

Good work so far! I remember this is when the whole AJAX calls and API’s started making sense to me… fun!

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You are right! I stored more than one string in the array but ended up not needing the second string. Ill fix that right away. Thank you @zklinger2000

Yes! I just tried in Debug mode and it works! For future reference, in the future should share the pen in debug mode to obtain a better user experience?

I understand what you mean! Create both data and html through JavaScript. To be honest, I wanted the first row to have only 2 channels and as a result I had to add more logic to deal with that, I would say it was laziness :tired_face:

Thank you very much for the feedback @SkyC. As soon as I finish the advanced front-end projects Ill come back to fix that.