Finished my wikipedia viewer - feedback welcome!

After some head scratching with the Wiki API I managed to finish this project. I switched from using opensearch to srsearch today, that really helped to clean up my code. Any feedback appreciated!

I’m thinking of changing the random functionality so the random article will show as a single big search result with link, so that you can ‘browse’ some random pages before reading it on Wikipedia. If I can muster up the courage to fight with that API again, that is :no_mouth:

It works well! It’s clear, good contrast, and easy to see what I am hovering over. You DO, however, need to unleash your inner style! it seems a bit dark.

I like how it works with enter too.Though I personally don’t like to click a button to search, there might be people that prefer it. I work with older, less technologically inclined people, and they don’t know you can do that, so it’s just something to keep it in mind.

i like your idea for the random page. You should do it! Hold yourself to high standards and not only will you learn more, but (I would think) employers will notice the extra effort. Get back in there and show that API who’s boss!