Finished Portfolio Project - Feedback wanted

Hey guys,

I have just completed the challenge asking me to create my portfolio and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

I know the colours could be changed to be nicer but it was mostly the layout and responsiveness of the page I was focusing on.

Any feedback and advice appreciated!

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Hello, so I think the layout is pretty nice, tho the “get in touch” section is pretty ridiculous to me :smiley: First of all it’s at the bottom and all it does is to point you to the top of the page, why not put it right there with the profile links?

I like the responsiveness of the page, it’s really neat!
Overall well done I would say when taking into account this is your second page :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the response!

I will look into moving it to the top or adding to it so it makes more sense haha!

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