Finished with the Website Portfolio Project and feel awful D:


I’m Daniel Jocson, a college student, in Salem, Oregon.

Ever since I began freecodecamp back in October, 2016 - I’ve submitted only two projects. After going through my second project I felt like I lacked so much motivation to get it done. It took me 15 days to finish this one and the webpage sucks in responsiveness. I tried to use the chat but it didn’t help me when it came to projects. I felt that people didn’t want to look through the puzzling code to help answer and I don’t blame them. What got me through the requirements were youtube videos and references.

Here it is!

Right now I would really appreciate some mean critiques or suggestions
Or you could give me some kind tips on how you personally motivate yourself to do these projects lol.

first of all, props to you for having courage to write here, I wasn’t so eager to do this when doing my personal portfolio.
About the project:

  • Your homepage has good sections:
    • You have got navbar on top
    • Header on top indicating who are you and what are you doing
    • Section with your projects
    • About seciton and small blog
    • Contact form
  1. IMO the page is a bit flashy, try to simplify your colorscheme and design, one of key philosophies of programming is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and Less is More (that’s actually Unix reference, but sure, you can use it here :smiley: )
  2. When I start to write my code I start with writing pure, semantic html. (when you need header, use <header> markup, for sections use <section> for aside <aside> etc. ), then try to make it beautiful using CSS. A good idea here is to make your page mobile first. use codepen flexible editor, try to make your page look good on width < 800px. (use @media properties for this) Then make it look better on full width.

All this is just my humble opinion, I’m not a guru or anything near it, but you needed opinion, so I deliver.

As for motivation, well you need to find it in you. A lot of my work comes from joy of discovering new things. Great idea is to separate your problems in smaller problems: one step at a time, as they say. also the feeling of fulfillment and closure is boosting your creativity as well as ambition to do more, and better.

And that’s all from me. Hope it will be somehow helpful for you! :slight_smile:


Yup, halfway through the project - I just noticed that I was doing all the editing on a huge T.V. screen. Thanks for your well thought-out feedback. I was not expecting that from anyone.

Little bit faith, man. Everyone is learning here, so everyone is trying to help each other :wink:

Hey, it took me way longer to finish my portfolio page too… And as I am speaking right now, I still haven’t finish it. The thing is this: we all felt this way, at least when we 1st started coding "Omg… it took me so long to put up this page. And there are so many things I have no idea how to do, or even where to find my answer. " OR “Omg… because of other responsibilities in life I haven’t touched my pc for like a month… Almost forgot what I learned before… what am I gonna do, coding isn’t for me I guess.” All these thoughts sometimes struck to me too. You gotta have your own pace to finish this learning journey. And I am gonna admit here, my pace is really slow. Because different people come from different background. Some people might not have the time/money to write code everyday, while other people can sit in the library and tackle one issue for like 3,4 hours. WHat I did to avoid those thoughts was this: even though let’s say I do not have time to code, I still immerse myself into “coding environment” which means that I read article about coding, I follow programmers on twitter, I read comic about web development, I come on to the forum/gitter and just randomly say hello to people who is working on their code. If you feel it is too stressful, slow your pace. For me I can do coding everyday, for 1 hour a day. Sounds little right??? Nah, it is the perfect time for me.

Also, about what you said, you said that you felt that you somehow lack of skill and knowledge when it comes to real world project, I recommend a book to you. This book was recommended by a friend of mine when he heard that I was studying HTML and CSS. He is a programmer. And had been a programmer for a decade or longer. I knew him from a FCC meeting here in beijing. The book is called: Pro HTML and CSS design patterns. Wrote by Michael Bowers. And I have the PDF version, and here is the link. (I bought the book myself, paper book, and I am studying it bit by bit. And it will help you A LOT.) PDF Don’t get fooled by the name “PRO”. You can understand it perfectly.

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I finished my portfolio page LUL.
Here’s the link. Portfolio

Nice! I’ll try to review it in a couple of hours :wink: but did you also make your own post about it too? It’ll get better attention.

P.S. thanks for the pdf I’ll have to go through that for the next couple of days.

I will make a separate post about it. Project feedback or something.

Here is the link. My project feedback. You can see there are already people there to help me find out all the weird stuff or unprofessional errors/mistakes. It will help us both. I am about to work into some changes according to the criticism I got.