Finishing Up - Weather App

So I’m finally finishing up my Weather App (I’ve been working on it for a few days off and on) and I’d like some constructive feedback. I’m not much of a designer yet, but I am a fan of more sleek design concepts. Any suggestions are welcome!

Things I have been thinking about:

*Adding a loading animation to display instead of the default data while the API gathers information.

*Changing the thermometer reading based off of temperature range.

*Possibly updating the default weather icons with a different open source weather icon API.

I added a loading screen to mine while the API gathers information and it worked out really well! You can check it out here if you’d like:

Thanks for the suggestion. I was taking a look at it and have a question. Does it wait for an input from the API or does it just show your load screen for a static 1 second before removing it?

How I set it up was to wait for the data from the API to load and then execute the setTimeout() method for 1 second before removing it. I did it this way in case it would take longer than 1 second to retrieve the data.

cdurflinger: Looks good to me! I would change the same thing mark-oblack just said. Also, being responsive would be cooler :slight_smile:


I’ve seen your code and I think you could improve it a little bit by using one jQuery method:

  /* your code */
  /* the action after everything on getJSON was loaded */

This way you are really waiting for the loading to be finished. With setInterval( ) you’re just waiting 1 second, but it could take longer to load, right?

You can also use .fail(), .always and .complete() for different reasons, like .fail() for displaying the user you couldn’t retrieve their location.

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll definitely have to play around with some of the ideas you mentioned in the last sentence! I plan to revisit this project soon and replace the FCC API with DarkSky, so that will be the perfect opportunity to improve the JS/jQuery.