First CodePen (Tribute Page Feedback)

Hey All,

I recently finished my Tribute Page assigned by Free Code Camp. It was a heck of a learning experience and I am proud to have complete the task. Initially, I tried to over complicate the project, which led to procrastination, but I assured myself that it’s a step by step process. I am very excited to share with you this pen.

As you already know, any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you!
Joseph Eprim

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Looks great! Only advice I would give you is put the CSS in a separate style sheet. It is good practice for future projects.

Good job!


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Ha! People often forget to mention the Death Ray! :laughing: :thumbsup:

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Appreciate the advice!

I like your page. It always amazes how many ways there are to do a given job!

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Better late than ever. I studied and it helped me update my Tribute Page.